CEO’s Message

“People is at the heart of everything we do. The training and development of healthcare talents has been the core mandate of Parkway College since its inception. Our passion is in helping people succeed.

Over the years, we have been unwavering in our focus on providing high quality education and training opportunities for those who want to make an impact in healthcare.

We have continuously adapted to the ever evolving demand of the industry and the insights we have gained has allowed us to help many healthcare executives navigate the complex landscape. Not only have we equipped them to impact the industry in a meaningful way, we have also help them craft out a successful career for themselves.

Clinical disciplines continue to be the mainstay of our offerings. The wide range of academic programmes and short courses for nurses and allied health professionals ensures that there is something here for everyone. We will continue to expand our repertoire to ensure that what we offer is relevant and valuable.

We have also not ignored the evolving field of Healthcare Management. Merging the real-world experience of senior healthcare executives and academic discipline of management, the Parkway College provides one of the most insightful exposure to the world of Healthcare Management. In fact, we believe that many of these insights are also useful in other industries who are grappling with issues of maximising human performance and human system performance. Nowhere else is the issue more acute than in the healthcare industry where minute-to-minute decisions have real impact on life and death.

We are proud to say that our programmes indeed have an international appeal, so regardless of whether you have chosen to engage us as individuals or as a corporation, rest assured – you are in the right company.

To your success.”

Photo_Lee Hong Huei 5074     Dr Lee Hong Huei