Diploma in Nursing

  • Course Description
  • Parkway College’s Diploma in Nursing Programme is designed to provide students with sound and valuable educational experiences in Nursing that will prepare them to be competent nurses in various healthcare settings.

    If you are seeking to widen your knowledge and your professional standing in the field of Nursing, look no further. This course will give you a broad and basic nursing education to equip you to meet the challenges in modern nursing.  You will also learn from hospital experts with different nursing speciality to gain an understanding of this fulfilling and promising career.

    Singapore is an ideal training environment for nurses owing to its high standards of healthcare delivery. Locally trained nurses registered with the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) have the privilege of excellent career opportunities in Singapore as well as extensive career mobility worldwide. There are also increasing local and global demand for professional nurses.

  • Course Objectives
  • Upon completion of this programme, you will gain professional foundation education grounded in behavioural, biological and nursing sciences, and geared you towards developing reflective and knowledgeable doers with empathy and a caring heart.

    An introduction to leadership, management, patient education and counselling and patient safety helps students appreciate patient engagement in decision making, environmental safety, teamwork, collaboration, and individual and team leadership.

    This broad-based education programme will further prepare nurses in the area of service orientation, critical thinking, problem-based learning, reflective learning, nursing research and alternative medicine therapies or practices.

  • Course Code
  • DIN

  • Course Structure
  • 1.  Duration: 36 months on full-time basis

    2. Total curriculum hours: 3500

    3. Course delivery: Delivered over 6 semesters

    4. Mode of delivery: Lectures, tutorials, case-studies discussions/presentations, assignments, experiential learning, practical session, self-directed and e-learning.

    5. Course commencement date : 29 April 2019

    6. Registration closing date : 15 February 2019

    7. Sponsorship interview date: 28 February 2019*

    7. Course preview date(s): 18 January 2019

    *Sponsorship may be available for Singaporean and SPR. Please indicate your interest to apply for sponsorship when making an application. Terms & Conditions apply. 

  • Course Outline
  • The course curriculum (2017) consists of 41 modules:

    Year 1

    • • BHS1101 – Behavioural Science I
    • • BLS1101 – Biological Science I
    • • NSG1101 – Communication in Nursing Practice
    • • NSG1102 – Fundamentals of Nursing
    • • NSG1103 – Nursing Skills I
    • • NSG1104 – Clinical Practicum I
    • • BHS1201 – Behavioural Science II
    • • BLS1201 – Biological Science II
    • • NSG1206 – Community and Family Nursing
    • • NSG1202 – Law and Ethics in Nursing
    • • NSG1203 – Critical Thinking and Problem Based Learning in Nursing
    • • NSG1204 – Nursing Skills II
    • • NSG1205 – Clinical Practicum II

    Year 2

    • • BLS2101 – Biological Science III
    • • BLS2103 – Pharmacology
    • • NSG2101 – Nursing Management
    • • NSG2102 – Nursing Science I
    • • NSG2103 – Health Assessment
    • • NSG2104 – Nursing Skills III
    • • NSG2115 – Clinical Practicum III
    • • BHS2201 – Behavioural Science III
    • • BLS2201 – Biological Science IV
    • • NSG2201 – Nursing Science II
    • • NSG2202 – Women & Children’s Health Nursing
    • • NSG2203 – Nursing Skills IV
    • • NSG2204 – Clinical Practicum IV

    Year 3

    • • BLS3101 – Biological Science V
    • • NSG3101 – Nursing Science III
    • • NSG3102 – Nursing Science IV
    • • NSG3101 – Mental Health Nursing
    • • NSG3104 – Nursing Research I
    • • NSG3105 – Gerontology and Transitional Care
    • • NSG3106 – Nursing Skills V
    • • NSG3107 – Clinical Practicum V
    • • NSG3208 – Nursing Science V
    • • NSG3202 – Emergency and Critical Care Nursing
    • • NSG3203 – Perioperative Nursing
    • • NSG3204 – Nursing Research II
    • • NSG3205 – Nursing Skills VI
    • • NSG3206 – Clinical Practicum VI
    • • NSG3207 – Pre-Registration Consolidated Placement

    * Please download Module Synopsis for the synopsis of each module.

  • Who Should Attend
  • • Local GCE ‘O’ level students who wants to pursue a career in the field of Nursing

    • International students with equivalent high school qualification

    • Enrolled nurses who want to upgrade themselves

    • Mid-career switchers who want to pursue Nursing as a career

  • Entry Requirements
  • Academic Requirements

    Local Students

    School Leavers

    Secondary school leavers with a minimum of 5 GCE “O” level credits:

    • • English Language (Grade 1 to 7)
    • • Elementary or Additional Mathematics (Grade 1 to 6)
    • • One of the following science subjects (Grade 1 to 6)
    •             • Additional Combined Science
    •             • Additional Science
    •             • Chemistry
    •             • Combined Science
    •             • General Science
    •             • Human Biology
    •             • Human and Social Biology
    •             • Physical Science
    •             • Physics
    •             • Science (Biology and Physics)
    •             • Science (Biology and Chemistry)
    •             • Science (Physics and Chemistry)
    •             • Science (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics)
    • • 2 other subjects (Grade 1 to 6)

    The results attained from GCE “O” level examinations must be completed from no more than 2 attempts.

    NITEC Graduates:

    • Enrolled nurses with GPA of 3.0 or higher OR

    • Enrolled nurses with 3 years post-enrolment work experience and a bridging course certificate acquired from Nanyang Polytechnic or Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

    • Higher Nitec in Nursing Cert obtained from ITE:

    •             • Higher Nitec in Elder Care – GPA 3.0 or higher
    •             • Higher Nitec in Paramedic & Emergency Care – GPA 3.0 or higher
    •             • Higher Nitec in Biochemical Technology – GPA 3.5 or higher
    •             • Higher Nitec in Biotechnology – GPA 3.5 or higher
    •             • Higher Nitec in Biotechnology / Biochemical Technology – GPA 3.5 or higher

    Other Qualifications:

    • International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

    • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma

    Please refer to the Minimum Academic Qualification Table for more information.

    International Students:

    Applicants with overseas educational qualifications will be assessed by the Academic Board of the College.


    • Similar requirements as for Singaporeans except they must have at least 5 SPM credits (this excludes Moral studies).


    • Minimum successful completion of Primary and Secondary School Education with 5 credit passes – English, Mathematics, Science and 2 other subject.

    • If the prior education was not conducted in English or have failed the English subject, the following assessments are acceptable:

    • •  IELTS assessment must be undertaken with a minimum overall score of 6.5.

    Please refer to the Minimum Academic Qualification Table for more information.

    All Students

    •  Must be at least 16 years old and above

    •  Must pass the medical examination

    •  Must not have the following conditions:

    • • Active tuberculosis
    • • Uncontrolled diabetes
    • • Uncontrolled hypertension
    • • Legal blindness
    • • Uncontrolled asthma
    • • Hepatitis B positive
    • • Psychiatric conditions
    • • Uncontrolled epilepsy
    • • HIV
    • • Hepatitis C
    • • Any other medical conditions listed under
    •   Ministry of Health (MOH) restrictions

    • Must provide proof of immunity to Hepatitis B

    • Must be certified fit by medical practitioners to pursue the course

    The above list is not exhaustive and other medical conditions shall be considered on a case by case basis.

  • Course Assessment
  • • Examination

    • Presentation

    • Assignment

    • Clinical skills competency assessment

  • Graduation Criteria
  • Parkway College shall award the Diploma in Nursing certificate when the student has met the following requirements:

    • • achieve at least a Grade D for all examined subjects
    • • pass the Pre-Registration Consolidated Practice (PRCP)
    • • achieve a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 and above, and achieve 207 module credits
    • • met all financial and administrative obligations to the College; and
    • • met any other requirements specific to the course.
  • Certificate Awarded
  • Diploma in Nursing, awarded by Parkway College

  • How To Apply
  • Course Fees
  • • Course fees: S$9,000     (Singaporeans)

    • Course fees: S$18,000     (Singapore Permanent Residents)

    • Course fees: S$31,200    (International Students)

    • Application fee: S$214

    • Enrolment fee: S$321

    *With effect from 1 January 2019, new course fees are applicable.

    **International students may make payment via Flywire. Please visit the international payment page for more information.


    1. 1. Application fee is payable upon submission of Application form.
    2. 2. Enrolment fee is payable upon signing of PEI Student Contract.
    3. 3. Fees are inclusive of prevailing Government Goods & Services (GST) Tax.
    4. 4. For all other related fees, please refer to student policies on our website.
    5. 5. Parkway College reserves the right to postpone or cancel the course if minimum enrolment is not met.
  • This note is for a prospective student of the Diploma in Nursing offered by Parkway College.

    1. SNB requires all graduates of the Diploma in Nursing Course to pass a 6-month Competency Assessment on Provisional Registration in an in-patient clinical setting after graduating from the programme.

    2. The clinical setting can be a hospital, community hospital or nursing home with acceptable nursing supervision.

    3. Upon passing the competency assessment, graduates will be granted Full Registration. Graduates must have an offer of employment before SNB will accept an application for their registration.

  • “The clinical attachments during my time at Parkway College really provided me with ample opportunities to be exposed to different hospital environments. I enjoyed learning how to interact with patients and gaining first-hand experience in communicating with them.”- To Man Ki, Graduate

    “I really enjoyed the hospital postings part of the course where I had the chance to visit many hospitals, I found it inspiring and eye-opening experience especially interacting with the patients.”
    - Lau Wing Chi, Graduate

    “My lecturers seemed to be able to sense when I was stressed out over schoolwork, and were always very supportive and there to help us, even when I was doing my attachment in the different hospitals. I am thankful to them for teaching and mentoring me throughout the course.” – Grace Su, Graduate

    “The most enjoyable thing about the course was that I got to put theory into practice during practicum – that gave me a real sense of purpose. Listening to my lecturers share their on-the-job experiences also gave me an insight into what working life would be like.” – Altai Erdenetsolmon, Graduate


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