Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management

  • Course Description
  • Managing a present day hospital is a complex task. With rapid changes taking place in medical research and techniques, the facilities and services have also undergone significant changes. Hospital managers are, therefore, faced with managing a vast range of services, changing patient profiles, high cost of procuring and servicing equipment and people management.

    This Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management programme is designed to equip healthcare working professionals with a comprehensive knowledge of the 10 essential areas in healthcare management.

    If you are seeking to widen your knowledge and your professional standing in the field of healthcare, look no further. This course will give you a broad-based education in healthcare management. You will also learn from hospital leaders with rich industry knowledge and experience.

    This programme will certainly give you a distinct advantage when pursuing a management career in the healthcare industry.

  • Course Objectives
  • Upon completion of this programme, you will have the knowledge and confidence to contribute effectively to the management of your healthcare organization and its attainment of organizational goals.

  • Course Code
  • GHC

  • Course Structure
  • 1. Duration: 12 months on part-time basis

    2. Total curriculum hours: 300

    3. Course Delivery: Delivered over 4 semesters

    4. Mode of delivery: Lectures and Tutorials

    5. Intake Commencement Date : N/A

  • Course Outline
  • The course consists of 10 modules:

    • • EHM101 – Healthcare Management
    • • EHM102 – Patient Safety
    • • EHM103 – Healthcare Quality
    • • EHM105 – Human Resource Management in Healthcare
    • • EHM106 – Financial Management in Healthcare
    • • EHM107 – Professionalism and Ethics in Healthcare
    • • EHM109 – Healthcare Business
    • • EHM111 – Hospital Operations
    • • EHM112 – Healthcare Informatics
    • • EHM113 – Healthcare Operations Management

    * Please download Module Synopsis for the synopsis of each module.

  • Entry Requirements
  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old with at least a diploma from a recognized institution and have 2 years of working experience in the healthcare sector.

    • Applicants whose entry qualification was not attained in English medium are to meet the following English language proficiency requirement:

    • • TOEFL score of at least 550 (paper based) or 213 (computer based) or
    • • IELTS with an overall score of at least 5.5

    • Applicants who do not meet the above requirements may also apply, but will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Who Should Attend
  • • Healthcare professionals currently working in a healthcare institution who do not have a formal education in healthcare.

    • Professionals who wish to do a mid-career switch into the healthcare sector.

  • Course Assessment
  • • Assignment

    • Examination

  • Graduation Criteria
  • Please take note that the graduation criteria is available in the students’ handbook which will be given upon enrolment into the course.

    Public could also access the information by calling or e-mailing to the college for information.

  • Certificate Awarded
  • Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management, awarded by Parkway College.

  • How to Apply
  • There are no planned intake for 2017.

  • Fees
  • Course Fees: TBA

    Application fee: S$214

    Enrolment fee: S$321


    1. Application fee is payable upon submission of Application form.
    2. Enrolment fee is payable upon signing of PEI Student Contract.
    3. Fees are inclusive of prevailing Goods & Services Tax.
    4. For all other related fees, please refer to student policies on our website.
    5. Parkway College reserves the right to postpone or  cancel the course if minimum enrolment is not met.
  • SkillsFuture Study Award for Healthcare Sector
  • As part of the SkillsFuture initiative, Ministry of Health (MOH) has launched the SkillsFuture Study Award for Healthcare Sector (“SkillsFuture Study Award”) to support skills upgrading of the healthcare workforce to meet Singapore’s future healthcare needs.

    The SkillsFuture Study Award will support skills development in the areas of aged care, healthcare IT and analytics, and healthcare system design, organisation and delivery.

    The SkillsFuture Study Award is open to Singaporeans with at least two years of work experience in the Healthcare sector. Applicants must submit a nomination by current employer or testimonial from a referee.

    Each successful applicant of the SkillsFuture Study Award will receive a monetary award of $5,000 which they can use to defray expenses associated with their training for skills mastery. There is no bond for the study award.

    For the full eligibility criteria and details, visit


    Additional Note:

    While the Master of Health Administration and Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management courses may not be listed on the SkillsFuture Study Award for Healthcare Sector website, MOH is open to consider other suitable local training courses.

    Interested applicants may apply through the SkillsFuture website. All applications are processed and approved by MOH.