Master of Health Administration

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  • Course Description
  • The Master of Health Administration course aims to enhance the competencies of middle level health service managers, equipping them to move to senior management positions. It is designed to allow students to investigate advanced issues in management through both industry based projects and seminar topics offered at the masters level.

    Our Courses Offer You…

    • A balance between essential theory and management tools

    • Teaching faculty with senior management experience

    • Study and networking with peers in a convenient location

    • Assessment tasks that address current issues in your workplace

    • Convenience of online learning combined with face-to-face workshops

    • 100% coursework / assignment-based postgraduate qualification

    Why Choose This Course?

    • Strong foundational subjects in Leadership, HRM, Organisational Behaviour and Finance. Cutting-edge developments in areas such as Operations Management, Health Informatics, Design Thinking and Innovation.

    • Flinders faculty has strong practical management experience and is supported by both industry-based lecturers and academic leaders. Course content is updated constantly and stays relevant to the needs of practicing healthcare managers.

    • Taught by Flinders faculty and supplemented by local faculty to ensure relevance to the Singapore Health System and also provide both local and international perspective relevant to the health sector.

    • Teaching methods, content, class times and location is designed to be flexible to suit our learners’ needs with a combination of block workshops, evening classes and online discussions.

    • Optional enrolment in Flinders University short course in Adelaide (Lean Thinking and Clinical Process Redesign) in lieu of HACM9104 Corporate Communications in Health and Aged Care.

    • Option to receive a Graduate Certificate or Graduate Diploma, which can be converted to a Master of Health Administration at a later date by re-joining the programme.

    • Accredited by the Australasian College of Health Service Management (ACHSM).

  • Course Objectives
  • On completion of the program, graduates are expected to be able to:

    • Apply management theories and principles to the solution of  management problems in health and aged care

    • Analyse and critically discuss current issues and dilemmas in health services

    • Apply their skills in policy creation and critique

    • Demonstrate an enhanced understanding of the health system and its financial, economic and statistical models and methods

    • Exercise an enhanced understanding of the legal and ethical framework of management practice in health

  • Course Code
  • MHA

  • Course Structure
  • 1. Duration: 24 months on part-time basis

    2. Course delivery: Delivered over 4 semesters

    3. Mode of delivery: Online learning, workshops by faculty staff and tutorials supported by the local faculty

    4. Application closing date: 29 January 2020 / 29 May 2020

    5. Course commencement date: 29 February 2020 / 03 July 2020



  • Course Outline
  • The course consists of 11 modules:

    • HACM9100 – Leadership in Health and Aged Care
    • HACM9101 – Leading Organisations in Health and Aged Care
    • HACM9102 – Financial Management and Economics in Health Care
    • HACM9104 – Corporate Communications in Health and Aged Care
    • HACM9200 – Health and Aged Care Systems and Policy
    • HACM9201 – Health Law and Ethics
    • HACM9202 – Safety and Quality in Health Care
    • HACM9206 – Health Informatics
    • HACM9207 – Health and Aged Care Operations Management
    • HACM9300 – Strategic Leadership and Management in Health and Aged Care
    • HACM9301 – Management Project


    * Please download Module Synopsis for the synopsis of each module or view on Flinders University Website.

  • About Flinders University
  • Flinders Uni Logo - Clear

    Flinders University is one of Australia’s leading providers of graduate programs in healthcare management, with many distinguished and successful graduates in Australia and the region. Flinders University was established in 1966 as South Australia’s second university. It has a particularly strong faculty of Health Sciences with internationally recognized centres of excellence in research and teaching.

    The Health Care Management programs are located within the College of Business, Government and Law at Flinders University. This creates many synergies and opportunities for collaboration in areas such as innovation, leadership, finance, economics and health law.

    The Master of Health Administration is accredited by the Australasian College of Health Service Management (ACHSM) and is recognized as meeting the academic pre-requisites for people sitting Fellowship examinations with ACHSM or the Royal Australasian College of Medical Administrators (RACMA).

    Staff involved in teaching are recruited on the basis of having had significant hands-on management experience in the health sector at a senior level. In addition, an industry advisory board with representatives from the public and private sector and major health professional bodies oversees the Master of Health Administration program. These factors ensure that the program has credibility and relevance for managers working in today’s challenging health care environment.

    Flinders Health Care Management has been delivering its Master of Health Administration program in Singapore since 2002 and in China, in association with Nankai University, since 2003.

  • Who Should Attend
  • Healthcare professionals currently working in a healthcare institution looking to move into senior management positions.

  • Entry Requirements
  • Applicants must fulfil both of the following requirements:

    • At least 23 years old with a degree from a recognized university OR a diploma in Nursing, Allied Health or Healthcare related field
    • At least 4 years of working experience in the health or aged care sector

    Applicants whose entry qualification was not attained in English medium are required to have IELTS with an overall score of at least 6.0.

  • Course Assessment
    • • Attendance / participation
    • • Online tasks
    • • Group work and presentation
    • • Assignments


    * Students are required to complete a Management Project, equivalent to the thesis component, for the Master of Health Administration course.
  • Graduation Criteria
  • Please take note that the graduation criteria is available in the students’ handbook which will be given upon enrolment into the course. Public could also access the information by calling or e-mailing to the college for information.

  • Certificate Awarded
  • Master of Health Administration, awarded by Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia

  • How to Apply
  • Fees
  • Course fees: S$28,524

    Application fee: S$214

    Enrolment fee: S$321


    1. Application fee is payable upon submission of Application form.
    2. Enrollment fee is payable upon signing of PEI Student Contract.
    3. Fees are inclusive of prevailing Goods & Services Tax.
    4. For all other related fees, please refer to student policies on our website.
    5. Parkway College reserves the right to postpone or  cancel the course if minimum enrollment is not met.
  • See what our Graduates say:
  • “As strategic communication professionals in the healthcare field, understanding what matters most to our clinicians, nurses and their patients definitely adds value to what and how we communicate. The course [Master of Healthcare Administration] has given me ample opportunities to network and interact with other healthcare professionals, eager to make a difference by sharing their experiences and insights on advanced issues in healthcare management, aged care, ethics and public policy.”
    Ms Celene Ting, Assistant Manager, Hospice Sector

    “The Master of Health Administration Course equipped me with great understanding of the management in the healthcare industry which helped to advance my career in the industry. I truly enjoyed the fruitful discussion with friendly lecturers and course mates. I would definitely recommend this course to friends and colleagues who are interested in doing healthcare management!”
    Ms Goh Ling Jia, Executive, Mount Alvernia Hospital

    “Though the 2-year part-time MHA programme requires us to work hard, the course curriculum structure has definitely allowed part-time students like myself the flexibility and convenience to complete our assignments with Flinders University’s well thought-out and well-paced curriculum structure. Having the “right balance” enriching and thought-provoking course structure is what I can describe about Flinders University. The excellent rapport and the encouragement from our lecturers is something I will miss…”
    Ms Fasela Jamal, Nurse Manager, Changi General Hospital

    “The MHA programme had provided immediate value by increasing my strategic acumen and giving me the extra boost at work. The lecturers and support staff (local and overseas) were readily available and accessible. The professional network established as a result of participating in the MHA programme has been invaluable. Getting to know and learn from the experiences of my lecturers and fellow students has widened my horizons. Completing the MHA programme while working full-time required much commitment, hard work and sacrifice. However, the benefits I derived from the programme significantly outweighed my sacrifices.
    Ms Sandy Teo, ADON, Mount Elizabeth Hospital

    “I am thankful to have pursued my course with Parkway College. Particularly, I am grateful for their collaboration with Flinders University. The lecturers have imparted us with useful tools which helped to enhance our competency level. Overall, the experience gained from these two years is very enriching. I believe I can utilise my knowledge to help understand how organisations and people work better.”
    Ms Anitha D/O Kunasaigaran, Valedictorian 2017


    Articles Featuring Our Graduates

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  • SkillsFuture Study Award for Healthcare Sector
  • As part of the SkillsFuture initiative, Ministry of Health (MOH) has launched the SkillsFuture Study Award for Healthcare Sector (“SkillsFuture Study Award”) to support skills upgrading of the healthcare workforce to meet Singapore’s future healthcare needs.

    The SkillsFuture Study Award will support skills development in the areas of aged care, healthcare IT and analytics, and healthcare system design, organisation and delivery.

    The SkillsFuture Study Award is open to Singaporeans with at least two years of work experience in the Healthcare sector. Applicants must submit a nomination by current employer or testimonial from a referee.

    Each successful applicant of the SkillsFuture Study Award will receive a monetary award of $5,000 which they can use to defray expenses associated with their training for skills mastery. There is no bond for the study award.

    For the full eligibility criteria and application details, visit

    Parkway College Advisory Note:

    While the Master of Health Administration course may not be listed as an example on the SkillsFuture Study Award for Healthcare Sector website, MOH is open to consider suitable local training courses.

    Singaporeans with at least two years of work experience in the Healthcare industry may apply through the SkillsFuture website. All applications are processed and approved by MOH.

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