Customised Programme

Parkway College Customised Programmes are tailored to our clients to suit their organisational requirements and objectives. The customised programmes can be conducted over a days, a week or up to a few months at our training facilities in Singapore or at the client’s facilities.

Parkway College is registered with the Council of Private Education and authorised by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency as an Approved Training Organisation, affirming its high standards in key areas relating to private education.

Parkway College’s education and training programmes focus on student-centred healthcare education that will make students employable and recognised by professional boards, and are backed by clinical attachments supported by the Singapore hospitals under the Parkway Pantai Group.

Parkway College also provides training to Parkway employees and to healthcare students, professionals and officers from countries like Kazakhstan, China, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam.

Some common topics are but not limited to:

•    Singapore Healthcare System
•    Clinical Governance in Healthcare
•    Service Quality Course
•    Infection Control Certificate Course
•    Quality Improvement Tools in Healthcare

For enquiries on courses, please call 6508 6914 or email us for more information.