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Corporate Governance

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The Organisational Structure of Parkway College is depicted in the above chart. Corporate Governance at Parkway College consists of the Board of Directors and Management Committee.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall corporate governance of Parkway College. It will also set the overall strategy and directions for Parkway College. The Board comprises:

Mr Sim Heng Joo, Joe
Group Chief Operating Officer, IHH Healthcare

Dr Prem Kumar Nair
Chief Executive Officer, IHH Healthcare Singapore

Dr Yeo Sheng Ming, Noel
Chief Operating Officer, IHH Healthcare Singapore

Management Committee

The Management Committee oversees the strategic, operational, financial, marketing and administrative operations of Parkway College. The Committee comprises:

Mr Yong Wui Chiang (Chairman)
Chief Executive Officer, Parkway College

Ms Tan Ai Wei
Manager, Corporate Administration and Services

Ms Chin Kui Joong, June
Programme Lead, Nursing

Ms Yap Bee Khim, Rachel
Programme Lead, Radiography

Ms Kok Lai Yee, Adelene
Programme Lead, Healthcare Admin & WSQ Courses

Mr Lam Hoi Hing, Simon
Programme Lead, Optometry

The Management Committee will conduct strategic planning, and management reviews of the performance and effectiveness of the quality system of the college. It will set and drive the overall strategy, directions and plans for Parkway College.