Digital Health – Designing for Disruption (NEW!)

Digital Health
  • Workshop Description
  • There is constant change in the way healthcare is being delivered, with major developments in digital health happening at a very rapid pace in the healthcare landscape. This digital health workshop aims to empower managers and stakeholders in the health and aged care sectors to be at the forefront of change and gain a deeper understanding of designing their digital health environments, across the continuum of the healthcare journey, using the latest digital technologies.

    Day 1

    Using a design thinking approach, the first day of the workshop will look at designing digital health across the continuum. It will commence by setting the scene through exploring the role of patients, practitioners, providers and the leadership, management and decision-making required to managing digital disruption and change in the dynamic digital healthcare journey. Grounded in an understanding of the fourth industrial revolution and the necessary health informatics competencies for the 21st Century, digitally enhancing the health and aged care journey will be illustrated. Issues including ‘adopting or adapting’ to digital disruption, the role of the consumer in co-design and the consumer experience in the digital era, as well as ethical dilemmas arising from the digital healthcare, will be examined. Finally, the day will conclude by bringing digital disruption to life and exploring its impact in the workplace. 

    Day 2

    The second day will look at the emerging digital technologies in healthcare. In addition to a deep understanding of the policy, protocols and processes to manage digital disruption, the national future of technology-enabled and consumer-empowered health and aged care will be explored. The role of design thinking, big data, data analytics, data mining and process mining for continuous improvements, as well as how artificial intelligence is rapidly evolving in healthcare and increasingly becoming the norm of everyday healthcare delivery, will be illustrated. Emerging technologies including the role of robotics, 3D printing, virtual reality, telehealth, telecare, wearables, mHealth, IOT, remote monitoring and sensors – and their role and benefits in enhancing healthcare delivery and reducing the burden of disease – will be examined. Finally, the day will conclude by bringing digital health all together and examining the impacts on patients, practitioners, providers and the healthcare system.

  • About the Speakers
  • Mark Brommeyer 

    Mark Brommeyer (MEdAdmin, GradDipEd, BAppSc, RN, FACHI, FIML, MAICD, CHIA)

    Mark has spent over thirty years in the health sector, with significant experience in Digital Health strategy, change, training and risk management across primary, secondary and tertiary care. Mark has provided healthcare consultancy, training and change management services in public and private health sectors in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Indonesia, England, Ireland and Wales. Mark is currently Chair of the CHIA Board (Certified Health Informatician Australasia) and is undertaking his PhD exploring Health Informatics Competencies for Health Service Mangers. As an adjunct Senior Lecturer, he has also delivered highly successful workshops on Health Informatics and Quality and Safety in Health Care in the Flinders-Nankai Master of Hospital Administration program in China, Singapore and Australia.

    Dr Angie Shafei

    Dr Angie Shafei (MD, DBA, MSc, MBA, MBBCh, AFCHSM)

    Angie is an experienced Senior Lecturer, Clinical Pathologist and Health Management Consultant. She has 15+ years of experience in the medical, online and blended education, quality and accreditation sectors and is a co-founder of a Technology start-up specializing in both Medtech and AgriTech. Her DBA focused on developing new patient-centred models of care for service quality improvements and involved co-designing to improve consumer experiences. Her MD focused on studies on Interferon Alpha Gene Expression on Human Hepatic Cells and she is currently doing a PhD in Health Economics. With hands-on experience in Health Transformation, she uses her unique interdisciplinary expertise to engage in translational research. Her research interests span the healthcare consumer journey and experience, digital health, mHealth, telehealth, social media in health and emerging technology in improving the healthcare delivery including health apps, wearables and virtual reality.

  • Workshop Objectives
  • In this workshop, you will learn the latest in digital healthcare, including:

    · Trends in digital health and aged care and their impact on designing and delivering care in the 21st century

    · Leadership and decision making required to manage digital disruption and co-designing care with consumers, clients and providers

    · The Fourth Industrial Revolution – benefits of merging the physical, digital and biological worlds for health and aged care service delivery

    · Practical application of digital healthcare in addressing today’s health and aged care challenges, considering the clinical, administrative and technical implications involving healthcare consumers, clients and providers.

  • Who Should Attend
  • · Clinicians, informaticians and managers working in the health and aged care sectors, as well as IT professionals involved in developing and implementing systems related to healthcare delivery.

    · People from public and private hospitals, general practice, aged care, Primary Care Networks (PCNs), government health departments (policy makers, administrators, researchers, eHealth program, change and training managers), healthcare software/hardware vendors for electronic medical records, IT managers, healthcare finance and operations managers, clinicians, ambulance services, district nursing agencies, aeromedical and community health and aged care providers.

  • Course Structure
  • Duration: 2 days (16 hours)*

    6th & 7th November 2019

    *Participants have the option of attending 1 day or both days – Please indicate the dates of attendance on the Short Course Application Form.

  • Certificate Awarded
  • A “Certificate of Participation” will be awarded by Flinders University.

  • Course Fee
  • Per participant

    : $60.00 (for 1 day)

    : $100.00 (for 2 days)


    1. 1. Fees are inclusive of prevailing Government Goods & Services Tax.
    2. 2. Parkway College reserves the right to postpone or cancel the courses if minimum enrolment is not met.
  • How to Apply
  • To apply for this workshop:

    1. Download and fill in the Short Course Application Form ( • SA02 - Short Course Application Form (Self-sponsored) / • SA03 - Short Course Application Form (Company-sponsored))

    2. Submit your details and the application form to us at