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Master of Health Administration

Awarded by Flinders University (Australia). Enhances competencies of managers for progression into senior positions.
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How to Apply

Submit a completed application form to Parkway College.


The Master of Healthcare Administration course has given me ample opportunities to network and interact with other healthcare professionals, by sharing their experiences and insights on advanced issues in healthcare management, aged care, ethics and public policy.

- Celene Ting, Assistant Manager (Hospice Sector), MHA Graduate

It was a meaningful experience, managed to gain more knowledge and meet new friends. The one-month residency in UK was fun and gained practical skills.

- Zhang Linjian, Optometry Degree Graduate

Enriching programme and applicable to my work. Learnt about working environments of different countries during the one-month residency in UK.

- Doreen Tan, Optometry Degree Graduate

Practical hands-on sessions were helpful, especially during the summer clinical placement at Aston University.

- Ho Choy Peng, Optometry Degree Graduate

A great course to take, especially for aspiring management level staff. Learnt many theories and principles that help to guide my work now. Great lecturers too, who never fail to patiently guide the students along. 

- Ms Ranz Tan, MHA Graduate

I am thankful for the friends made with all the classroom sessions and group discussions for the group presentations. Learnt lots from lecturers and classmates about the challenges in healthcare from a macro perspective. Definitely a worthwhile next step for managers in healthcare.

- Ms Audrey Kon, MHA Graduate

I am thankful to have pursued my course with Parkway College & grateful for their collaboration with Flinders University. The lecturers have imparted us with useful tools which enhanced our competency level. Overall, it had been a very enriching experience. I believe I can use my knowledge to understand how organisations & people work better.

- Anitha D/O Kunasaigaran, Valedictorian ‘17, MHA Graduate

The course increased my strategic acumen & gave me the extra boost at work. The professional network formed was invaluable; learning from the experiences of my lecturers & fellow students has widened my horizons. Completing the course while working full-time required commitment, but the benefits outweighed my sacrifices.

- Sandy Teo, ADON (Mount Elizabeth Hospital), MHA Graduate

The well-paced curriculum structure of the 2-year part time MHA course has allowed students the flexibility & convenience to complete assignments. The course has an enriching & thought-provoking structure, together with the excellent rapport & encouragement from the lecturers.

- Fasela Jamal, Nurse Manager (CGH), MHA Graduate

The MHA Course equipped me with great understanding of management in the healthcare industry which helped to advance my career. I enjoyed the fruitful discussion with friendly lecturers and coursemates & would definitely recommend to friends & colleagues who are interested in this career!

- Goh Ling Jia, MHA Graduate

Parkway College promises a journey filled with life-long learning, exposure and plenty of hands-on opportunities. So if radiography is something you are interested to pursue, don't be afraid to jump right in!

- Shannon Wong, Radiography Degree Graduate

I enjoyed learning more about anatomy and physiology – I found the medical conditions, diseases and uncommon pathology that we covered in our classes fascinating. And I like how the course wasn’t just theoretical – we had regular hands-on practice sessions to learn how to position patients during procedures.

- Fong Xiwen, Radiography Degree Graduate

Through clinical placements offered during this course, I was able to get out of my comfort zone and interact with patients and staff to further improve my interpersonal skills. Apart from that, clinical placements also provided me with essential hands-on practice to help me better understand concepts taught in school.

- Jasena D/O Ramdas, Radiography Degree Graduate

Radiography is great for those with a strong interest in biology and physics, and who love to work with sophisticated technology. We learn about human anatomy and have to understand how the machines work. Apart from being a clinical radiographer, I can go into teaching, management or research in the future.

- Nur Hanisah Nordin, Radiography Degree Graduate

The degree is great for those who love a challenge, and like working in a fast-paced environment, You have to like being a team player too, as one works with other healthcare professionals.

- Haruna Elangovan, Radiography Degree Graduate

The Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging course in Parkway College ensured that I could stay on home ground and yet attain an honours degree that is internationally recognised. 

- Hider Bin Omar, Radiography Degree Graduate

Parkway College has helped and moulded me to be a nurse with a heart and ready to serve. Our lecturers aren't only our educator, but they are our advisor and guide. Since we are a small cohort, our lecturers ensure that we have effective learning and prepared to deliver quality of care.

- Dora Isabel Saloria, Diploma in Nursing Undergraduate

The most enjoyable thing about the course was that I got to put theory into practice during practicum – that gave me a real sense of purpose. Listening to my lecturers share their on-the-job experiences also gave me an insight into what working life would be like.

- Altai Erdenetsolmon, Diploma in Nursing Graduate

My lecturers seemed to be able to sense when I was stressed out over schoolwork, and were always very supportive and there to help us, even when I was doing my attachment in the different hospitals. I am thankful to them for teaching and mentoring me throughout the course.

- Grace Su, Diploma in Nursing Graduate

I really enjoyed the hospital postings part of the course where I had the chance to visit many hospitals, I found it inspiring and eye-opening experience especially interacting with the patients.

- Lau Wing Chi, Diploma in Nursing Graduate

The clinical attachments during my time at Parkway College really provided me with ample opportunities to be exposed to different hospital environments. I enjoyed learning how to interact with patients and gaining first-hand experience in communicating with them.

- To Man Ki, Diploma in Nursing Graduate

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration for the MHA course?

This is a 24-month part-time course delivered over 4 semesters.

At the beginning of each semester, there will be an introductory workshop by Flinders University faculty from 9am to 5pm, Friday to Sunday. There will be online discussion forums of 4 – 5 modules throughout the semester per topic. In the middle of the semester, there will be a one-day workshop for group presentations.

For Financial Management and Economics in Health Care, there will be a separate introductory workshop from 9am to 5pm, Friday and Saturday, followed by 5 sessions of tutorials on weekday evenings by a local lecturer.

Local lecturers will conduct the topics for Health Law & Ethics and Safety & Quality in Health Care due to relevance to local context.

If I have a Diploma, can I apply for the course?

If you have a Diploma in Nursing, Allied Health or Healthcare related courses, plus 4 years of work experience in the healthcare sector, you will be eligible for the course via the pathway program.

Pathway Program

Applicants with less than a degree qualification will be eligible for the course via the pathway program. The duration, course fees and topics to be taken are the same as applicants who are admitted directly to the MHA course. The only difference is applicants must complete the 3 foundation topics* in the first semester satisfactorily and the university will transfer them into the Masters in the second semester. This is to ensure students who do not have a degree (which is the qualification required to enter a Masters course) are able to cope with the program.

*Applicants with a Diploma qualification will need to apply for the July intake.

The 3 foundation topics are:
HACM9100 Leadership in Health and Aged Care
HACM9101 Leading Organisations in Health and Aged Care
HACM9102 Financial Management and Economics in Health Care

Is there any credit exemption?

Credit exemptions will be considered for applicants who have completed a prior Masters course. Please send us the completed Flinders University application form together with the certificate, transcript and course synopsis of the Masters course for an evaluation.

Is there any industry attachment to hospitals?

The MHA is not a clinical or skills-based course and is an academic course which does not require industry attachment. The course is geared at professionals who are already working in the industry looking at acquiring management knowledge to move towards a senior management position, and not looking at acquiring skills from a work-entry position.

Is the course suitable for working professionals with a full-time job?

The MHA is a part-time course which is catered to working professionals with a full-time job. Workshops and tutorials are held either after working hours or on weekends.

Are international applicants accepted for the course?

As this is a part-time course, there is no student pass. Applicants will need to ensure they are residing in Singapore to attend the course. Applicants with prior education not conducted in English are required to provide the results of the IELTS assessment.

Is there any scholarship or sponsorship available for Master of Health Administration?

There is currently no scholarship provided. Singaporean applicants may consider the SkillsFuture Study Award for Healthcare Sector.

How can I register for the MHA course?

Please complete the Flinders University application form (type-written) which can be downloaded from the website and make an appointment with us to submit the full documents.

Got more questions?