Patient Safety – It Begins With You

  • Course Description
  • The 2-day workshop aims to provide the participants with the awareness and knowledge to appreciate the importance of patient safety in clinical practice, so as to continuously improve the quality and safety of patient care.

    There is no quality without safety!

  • Course Objectives
  • At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

    • Respond to the needs of health-care customers and their expectations for safer patient care.

    • Promote, adopt and implement best safety practices and attitudes.

    • Collaborate and actively work as a healthcare team to prevent patient harm in clinical practice.

  • Course Outline
    • • What is patient safety?
    • • Is healthcare safe?
    • • Why do errors occur?
    • • Strategies to prevent harm
    • • Barriers to patient safety
    • • International Patient Safety Goals
    • • Medication safety
    • • Safe surgery
    • • Patient safety – patient undergoing radiological services
    • • Why do patients sue?
    • • Responding to adverse events
    • • Learning from adverse events
    • • Cause and Effect diagrams
    • • My patient – my partner in patient safety
  • Course Structure
  • Duration: 2 days (14 hours)

  • Who Should Attend
  • • Nurses

    • Allied Health Professionals

    • Healthcare providers involved in patient care

  • Certificate Awarded
  • A “Certificate of Attendance” will be awarded by Parkway College.

  • Course Fee
  • Per Participant:  S$749.00

    • • Skills Development Funding of $2/hr is available for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents. Listed fees are before funding.
    • 1. Fees are inclusive of prevailing Goods & Services Tax.
    • 2. Parkway College reserves the right to postpone or cancel the course if minimum enrolment is not met.