Medical Insurance

The Group Hospitalisation and Surgical Insurance (GHS) and the Group Personal Accident (GPA) Insurance offered by Parkway College’s selected provider are mandatory for all students holding Student’s Pass at Parkway College. 

Students who purchase the GHS and GPA are eligible to utilise the health services at the various GP clinics and hospitals offered by Parkway College selected provider. For the approved list of GP clinics and hospitals, please go to

Note: Identification card and medical card must be presented for each visit at the GP clinic.

Before consulting a specialist from a government hospital, students will have to get a referral letter from any of the approved panel of clinic doctors. The student will have to make full payment for the specialist or procedural charges before seeking a claim from the insurance by submitting a form which is obtained from the Student Admin. All bills and receipts must be attached to the form before submitting for claims.

The medical benefit coverage are as follows:

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Group Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance Policy

  1. • S$30,000 annual limit per person
  2. • B1 Ward entitlement (Government/Restructured hospitals)
  3. • 24 hours worldwide coverage for hospitalisation due to emergency, not applicable when travel expressly for treatment outside of Singapore

Outpatient GP Primary Care (only at AXA’s Panel Clinic)

  1. • Combined GP (General Practitioner) & SP (Special Care) annual limit per person is S$350
  2. • $ limit per visit (Panel) is as charged
  3. • Number of visits per year per insured is unlimited
  4. • Medication is standard
  5. • Co-payment is S$5
  6. • A&E of Government/Restructured Hospital /Polyclinics up to $75 per visit and up to 2 visits per year

Outpatient SP- Specialist Care

  1. • Combined GP & SP annual limit per person is S$350
  2. • Specialist consultation is covered
  3. • X-ray & Laboratory Tests is covered
  4. • $ limit per visit (Panel) is as charged
  5. • Co-payment is nil

Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy

  1. • Sum insured per student S$20,000
  2. • Death and permanent disablement
  3. • Medical expenses of S$1,000 is covered