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Siblings at Home and at Work as Radiographers

When Jasena D/O Ramdas graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Diagnostic Radiography and Imaging, she became the second radiographer in the family. Her sister Vidya completed the same course just two years earlier.

“Back in secondary school, I was part of the St John Ambulance Brigade. I quickly realised that I found joy in helping the sick and knew that a career in healthcare was for me. I was contemplating my career options hen I began learning about radiography from my sister, who was studying at Parkway College.

When I found out that radiography combines both healthcare and physics, which was my favourite subject in school, I felt it suited me well,” shared Jasena.

The three-year full-time course was not without its challenges but Jasena, who graduated as Valedictorian (Allied Health), is thankful for a strong support network. “There were only 13 students in my class so we become very close. We were determined to make it to the end together, so we were always helping one another out. My family and my sister were also very encouraging and motivated me to work harder.”

Today, Jasena is a radiographer with Mount Elizabeth Hospital while Vidya serves at Parkway East Hospital.

Article appeared in MOSAIC Jan – Mar 2016 Edition
By Group Corporate Communication, Parkway Pantai Limited

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