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Volunteering at Orange Valley Nursing Home

As a continuous effort to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, Parkway College volunteers visited Orange Valley Nursing Home in Bukit Merah on 2nd November 2016 for another joyous session of sing-along and games with the residents.

With an increased participation from student volunteers, the event was organized on a larger scale to involve more residents. Goodie bags consisting of their favorite snacks like cream-crackers and handy items like medicated patches were also prepared for the seniors.

After a warm welcome by the seniors at Orange Valley, the sing-along session proceeded with much enthusiasm. A couple of the residents even took to the floor and started dancing to the evergreen tunes of “Mamma Mia” by ABBA and “I want to hold your hand” by The Beatles with the student volunteers. The event was then followed by Bingo games and delighted faces soon filled the room as prizes were given out to the winners.

The afternoon spent out of school was truly a meaningful experience for students of Parkway College. Reuben mentioned, “The nursing home visit we had was eventful and we had fun.” Cecilia added, “[We] got a chance as university students to give back to society. Many a time, we keep wasting time dwelling on the problems we face in life that we forget that there are others who face a much tougher life than us. As university students, we are so caught up with our never ending assignments and preparation for exams that we forget to give back to society. [The] 3 hours we spent at the nursing home may not seem much, however the smiles of the elderly won my heart. I am glad that I was able to give back by singing and playing Bingo with them.”

Parkway College looks forward to the next CSR activity which strives to equip our students with the understanding of community needs and to encourage civic responsibility among them!

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