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Why Choose a Career in Healthcare?

The world’s population is growing and aging. Along with advancement in healthcare and technology, people are also living longer and better. This creates opportunities in the the healthcare industry. Everything from supportive staff, to more direct patient care, anyone interested in a healthcare career can find a role suitable to their interest and passion.

We had the privilege of meeting the team from Digital Senior earlier in the year and sharing with them what Parkway College’s mission was all about and why in recent years, there has been greater emphasis on healthcare and careers in healthcare.

The editorial team was interested to know why healthcare is the career to be in and we shared more about the different professions and careers in healthcare, and why there are many rewards and benefits to be reaped from working in healthcare.

Read the article here at Digital Senior! – What is one course option besides the standard IT/banking/engineering that is booming in Singapore?

Digital Senior is a platform created for students, by students. It is a place for students to express themselves and share their insights with other university students, so as to inspire one another. Everything about universities can be found inside to help fellow students make better decisions.

Want more reasons? Read this article – 5 Reasons to work in Healthcare by JobsDB Singapore.

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