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Short Courses

Select our courses that are of a robust quality within the Continuous Education and Training (CET) framework.
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Customer Service

Art of Service Recovery
Suitable for all customer-facing staff to understand effective ways to respond to service challenges
Managing Difficult Customer's Situation
Suitable for all customer-facing staff to handle difficult customer’s situation professionally & confidently.

Healthcare, Quality and Safety

BCLS + AED Provider Course (Public Access Defibrillator)
Open to all healthcare providers and members of the public who wish to contribute in saving human lives.
Infection Control
This course aims to equip nurses and allied health professionals on infection control principles & practices.
Phlebotomy Training Course
This course provides the background required to properly understand the techniques involved in phlebotomy.


Achieve Team Results
Equips learner to set targets and manage resources, and have a wider view of the business landscape.
Build a Positive Work Environment
Learn to identify talents as defined by organisation and operational needs, and cultivate good team relationships.
Develop Professional Competence
Establish a firm foundation upon which subsequent managerial competencies can be built.


Develop Self
Introduce the expectations of a supervisor & the knowledge & skills to communicate effectively & problem-solve.
Enhance Team Performance
Equip learners with the competencies to monitor the progress of team plans and drive team performance.
Execute Change
Equip learners with the knowledge & skills to execute and manage change process at team level.