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Phlebotomy Training Course

This course provides the background required to properly understand the techniques involved in phlebotomy.
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How to Apply

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to attend the course?

  • Healthcare-trained applicants with clinical training support to do live-patient phlebotomy practice.
  • Non-healthcare-trained applicants with clinical training support to do live-patient phlebotomy practice.

What do you need to complete the phlebotomy course?

  • Attend theoretical and practical training held at Parkway College
  • Complete theoretical (25 MCQ) and practical assessment (live Vacutainer and Wing Infusion Set procedures)
  • Receive a “Letter of Completion” if you have met the minimum attendance requirements and pass both theory and practical assessments held at Parkway College
  • Independently complete 50 documented successful (clinically supervised) venepuncture collection (live-patient phlebotomy practice)
  • Submit the documentation to receive the “Certificate of Achievement” for the course

Do you provide clinical training?

The college does not provide clinical training placement for this course. Non-healthcare-trained applicants without clinical training support to do live-patient phlebotomy practice, are required to secure their own clinical placements to fulfil their clinical requisites to claim their course certificate.

Are the practical sessions during the course considered as practical placement?

The practical training in the College is part of the training course and is not considered part of the clinical training.

How should the live-patient phlebotomy practice be completed?

The 50 independently observed phlebotomy procedures are to be completed after the course and performed under the supervision of a registered doctor or trained phlebotomist within a local healthcare facility. Healthcare facilities located overseas are not accepted.

Is there a deadline to complete the live-patient phlebotomy practice?

Participants should submit the forms to Parkway College within 12 months from the last day of the course to receive the “Certificate of Achievement” in Phlebotomy. Participants who require an extension may write in to request for an extension.

Can SkillsFuture credits be used for this course?

Government subsidy and SkillsFuture Credit are not applicable. The total course fee payable is $1,215 inclusive of GST. Please inform us of your preferred payment mode upon application.

Can healthcare trained candidates without clinical support apply for this course?

Clinical training placement can be provided for eligible applicants. Candidates must be healthcare trained in the following fields: Nursing, Biomedical Science, Physiotherapy, Radiography, Emergency medical technicians.

Applicants with the above prior-healthcare training must be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident.

How to apply for the course?

  1. Please download and complete the application form from the course page. You may submit the form online through the Contact Us or Enquiry Form or through email. Please inform us if you are company sponsored and require an invoice billing for your company.
  2. Upon course confirmation, participants must produce a local doctor’s certificate or lab report which indicates that the applicant is  negative for Hepatitis B and HIV infection. The laboratory tests must be recent, not more than 3 months old.
  3. Upon course confirmation, participants must complete course fee payment within the stipulated cut-off date. (1 week before the course begins). Payments are accepted in Singapore currency only and can be made by PayNow transfer, telegraphic transfer, across AXS channels and cheque (made payable to Parkway College of Nursing and Allied Health Pte Ltd).

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