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Confidentiality of Student’s Information

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All student-related information and data obtained from the students are used for the purpose of facilitating registration for the course, progress and completion of the course, application for Student Passes, visas, insurance documents, and other relevant course needs. Information is obtained from the students through means such as application forms, copies of passport and birth certificate and resume.

The student data and information are stored in the respective student's personnel files and in the student databases. The personnel files and computer records are only accessible by designated staff managing these records. Access control is through the use of user id and password.

The manual records of students’ information and data are kept in locked cabinets. During the operating hours, only designated staffs have access for their work purposes. The student records are not allowed to be removed from the repository unless prior permission is obtained from the Director, Corporate Administration and Services.

Permission to use the students’ particulars and data other than for the College internal marketing or students’ billing is to be sought from the Director, Corporate Administration and Services.

Personal Data Protection Policy

Parkway College is committed to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality with respect to the personal data of various stakeholders including students, alumni and employees, etc. and in accordance with the requirements as detailed in the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (the “PDPA”). Personal Data” is defined under the PDPA to mean personal information, whether true or not and whether in electronic or other form, about an individual who can be identified from that data or from that data and other information to which we have access to or are likely to have access to.

Examples of personal data include name, address, NRIC/FIN/Passport number, photograph or video image, telephone numbers and email addresses.

Parkway College will ask students to sign the Personal Data Protection Statement which describes:

  1. college’s commitment to protecting the personal data of the stakeholders
  2. purposes for collection, use and disclosure of personal data
  3. specific issues for the disclosure of personal data to third parties
  4. withdrawal of consent administration and management of personal data.

To help you understand how we collect, use, share and protect the personal data of our students, alumni and academic staff please refer to our personal data protection policy.

Should you have any feedback or enquiries relating to your personal data, please contact the Personal Data Protection Officer (DPO*) at:

For more information about the PDPA, please visit the Personal Data Protection Commission’s website at