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Medical Examination

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  1. Local and International applicants for Nursing and Radiography courses are required to undergo health screening and immunization to determine their health status and reduce the risk of vaccine-preventable diseases for students who are at risk of exposure to and possible transmission of these infections. The cost of the medical examination shall be borne by the student.
  2. As per course admission procedures, the applicant will have to submit the completed SA04 – Medical Examination Report.
    1. For students in Singapore, the medical examination must be done by a Registered Medical Practitioner in Singapore.
    2. For students in Malaysia, medical examination, laboratory test and X-ray must be done in a hospital/clinic of Parkway Pantai Limited. 
    3. For students in other countries, medical examination must be done by a Registered Medical Practitioner in their home countries or places of residence. Students who are accepted for the course will repeat the Medical Examination by a Registered Medical Practitioner in Singapore after they have arrived here for the course.
  3. The pre-enrolment medical examination will consist of the following, but not exhaustive:
    • Hepatitis B Surface Anti-body (Anti-HBs)
    • Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg)
    • Hepatitis C (Anti-HCV)
    • Human Immunodeficency Virus (HIV Test)
    • TB (Chest X-ray)
    • Varicella IgG
    • Mumps IgG
    • Measles IgG
    • Rubella IgG
    • Urine labstick (protein, sugar and pregnancy test)

    Note: Ladies are advised to go for the medical checkup after their period as a urine test is required.

  4. The original copy of the laboratory reports must be attached to the Parkway College Medical Examination Report.